OPEN REAL ESTATE Single Member P.C. includes all services like promotion, acquisition, maintenance, management and rental income of the holiday properties. The innovation in this company is the "package" offer of services along with the sale of real estate according to the needs of buyers.

OPEN REAL ESTATE, taking advantage of the internet & social media marketing, refuses dependence from the city centres and creates an entrepreneurship centre while based at coastal Arcadia (one of the most unspoilt and traditional places of the country and perhaps the best place in Mediterranean sea, placed between international airports of Athens and Kalamata), but on the other hand emphasizing the "opening" in international markets, thus taking the name 'OPEN'. Together with selected partners and agents we create safe destinations for visitors and investors who come to Greece not only for a short holiday but much longer.

Company initiated at 1999 under the firm name "Grigoris Ntaskas - Real Estate" and at 2014 shifted into a limited company under the brand of Open Real Estate.

Grigoris Ntaskas  BSc, MA
General Manager - Founder

Engineer, real estate agent, constructor, but above all a restless entrepreneur.  After working in the UK IT sector for several years, returned to the Leonidio/Tyros region of the Peloponnese in Greece in 1998, where established a flourishing land surveying office. Having identified that South Kynouria, an area of outstanding natural beauty, lacked services for the sale of land and traditional stone properties, expanded the business to include real estate, specializing in properties for holiday and investment purposes.  In 2004, he set up a joint venture for the construction of maisonettes and holiday villas in the East Peloponnese.  To date, 2 complexes have been completed and a large number of units sold. In 2011-2012, was Mayor’s Counselor for Municipal Real Estate & Tourism in Leonidio, the capital of South Kynouria, but now focusing on property sales and business-branding expansion.

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