Have an EU Permanent Resident Status

with free movement in 26 Schengen Countries, by investing in a Greek Home


According to the parliamentary legislation 4146/2013 and it’s resent amendments, you can obtain a permanent Schengen residency permit if you purchase a property that costs more than € 250000 




Purchase the correct house,


  • we will undertake the translation of all documents necessary for the transaction

  • we will issue a tax registry number on his behalf

  • we will assign lawyer to check the ownership titles of the property and do a title search

  • we will assign to engineer to issue the necessary certificates for the purchase

  • we will assist to open a bank account in order to make through this account all the purchase transaction. We will also make a restrictive notarial power of attorney, to permit us to use funds only for the purchase of a specific property and nothing else.  For tax purposes is important to make all payment from the buyer's account.

  • we will proceed with all required notary deeds for the completion of the purchase, that includes: depositing the purchase tax or VAT pay to the tax authorities, contract translation if is necessary, payment of the seller of the property, contract registration to the title registration

  • we will assign an accountant to look after the yearly tax forms and the affiliation with the tax office on behalf of the buyer

we will do the application process,


  • we will guide the buyer prior the first visit for the relevant visa issuance and touristic health insurance that is necessary

  • we will offer the agreement/contract that is necessary to have with an estate agency or law firm in order to obtain a buyer's visa from the Greek embassy of the buyer's country

  • we will collect all relevant documents ascertaining the purchase of the property, that are required for the issuance of the residency permit

  • we will submit the relevant application to the public authorities and will collect the temporary permit

and we will deliver the residency permit to you.


  • we will follow the course of the application until the issuance of the final residency permit

  • we will deliver the permit to the buyer and his/her family

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