Historic Arcadia (Greek: Αρκαδία, Arkadía) is one of the prefectures of the Peloponnese.  It is situated in the central and eastern parts of the Peloponnese peninsula.  It takes its name from the mythological figure Arcas.

Leonidio, Sampatiki, Pragmatefti, Melana, Tyros, and Poulithra, are all villages of South Kynouria – Coastal Arcadia, built on the shores of the Myrtoon Sea below Mount Parnonas.  Areas full of monuments from every period of Peloponnesian history, and natural beauties such as mountains, forests, rivers, and caves surrounded by beautiful beaches combining mountains and sea.  These areas are close to archaeological sites, and Leonidio is considered the climbing capital of the Peloponnese, ideal for climbing and hiking, now turning this place into an all-year-round destination.  The easy access by car from Athens, Tripoli, Argos, and Kalamata (charter from Europe – Kalamata airport), and the regular connection by bus from Athens, Tripoli and Argos should be counted to the advantages of this place.  There are all the necessary shops, supermarkets, pharmacies, police and fire departments, private doctors of various specialties, and health center (as well as connection with the major hospitals of Sparta, Tripoli, Argos, and Nafplio), offering security and autonomy to the residents and the guests.

The uniqueness of the Red Rock, the Myrtoon Sea, the beaches, the special traditional element, the cost of living, and the beautiful weather make Coastal Arcadia an attractive place all year long!  A lot of foreigners choose Coastal Arcadia villages for home office or/and retirement as it is a very unique, traditional, and tranquil place offering everything but in a more “local” style. 

With the already existing Tourism that these areas had for the Summer, the famous Easter, the Europeans who are buying houses here for retirement, etc., and the climbing/hiking visitors, Coastal Arcadia has now 12 months per year of tourism and is offering all kinds of services!

The island of Spetses (Greek: Σπέτσες) is an important historical area located in the Argosaronic Gulf a few miles off the coast of East Peloponnese, famous for its nautical and cultural traditions, architecture, beaches, and the summer lifestyle.  The most popular way to reach the island is by ferry from Piraeus port in Athens or via the islands of Poros and Hydra.  Travel by road is also possible but as private cars are not permitted on the island, vehicles can be left in the car park at Kosta harbor and a short ferry- or water-taxi ride will bring you across to the main port of Spetses.

Spetses is the epitome of elegant vintage, with its Venetian and neoclassical styles, its winding streets, and its romantic quayside.  Spetses has a very cosmopolitan feel without distracting from its traditional and unique heritage.  Here you can rub shoulders with the many Very-rich who have their summer villas and super yachts, alongside the local fishermen and traditional boat builders in the old harbor, where you can find some of the best fish tavernas and first-class restaurants on the island.  Spetses has beaches all around the island for everyone, from the hidden caves accessible only by boat to the fully organized water sports, bars, and cabanas.  The further flung beaches can be reached by boat, or by bus in the summer months.  A ride in a horse-drawn carriage along the seafront is a wonderful way to admire the beautiful historical captains’ mansions and a cocktail on the terrace at the famous Poseidon Grand hotel is a perfect way to spend an evening.  

For those of you who enjoy walking, Spetses has some wonderful walking trails through the lush pine forests which make this island so unique.  Trails will take you right to the heart and highest points with breathtaking views across the island and the mainland beyond.  Bicycles, electric bikes, and mopeds are popular modes of transport and are all readily available for hire.

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