Construction Projects

Since 2010, Open Real Estate has successfully accomplished over 60 projects involving renovations and new constructions in the coastal Arcadia region. Throughout this time, our team at OPEN has assembled a diverse group of engineers specializing in various trades, including architects, restoration engineers, and land surveyors. This meticulous selection ensures that every project we undertake surpasses the highest expectations.

Within our company’s construction department, we offer an extensive range of construction and consulting services. These services encompass everything from design and planning permission to the complete furnishing of each property.

Our approach is adaptable and tailored to meet the unique needs of every individual client. We firmly believe that every project holds significance, regardless of the budget or the size, as our ultimate goal is to create your new home and not just another house!

The services offered by our company include:


• Coordinating the design process according to the client’s requirements and preferences.

• Providing a comprehensive breakdown of the necessary tasks and their associated costs.

• Creating and sharing a construction program or schedule to outline the project timeline.

• Managing the procurement process for necessary resources and materials.


• Continuous monitoring of finances to ensure adherence to the approved budget and providing monthly reports to the clients.

• Oversight and quality control of the construction activities through the daily presence of a site manager.

• Providing regular progress reports and updates to the clients regarding the ongoing construction work.

• Ensuring health and safety measures are implemented and supervised throughout the project.


• Handing over to the clients

• Organizing the placement of furniture, installation of equipment, and other related tasks

• Provide ongoing maintenance assistance

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