Open Real Estate provides comprehensive services in Greece, encompassing property identification, overseeing the complete purchase process, property renovation, and immigration consultancy specifically related to the Greek Residency Program, commonly known as the Golden Visa program.

Discover an array of exquisite villas available for sale in Greece. Now is the ideal moment to seize the opportunity to acquire your dream Mediterranean villa and make a lucrative real estate investment in Greece.

Greek Golden Visa, a proven, successful and the most economic and beneficial residency program, turned the real estate market into a gem for third country’s investors. Real Estate investors and their families from none European countries can securely benefit from Visa free travel to all Schengen countries, with the flexibility to stay as long as they wish in Greece with the bonus option of a Citizenship.

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Why invest in Greece: Greece stands out as a hidden gem for potential holiday homeowners in Europe. This captivating nation showcases an exceptional topography encompassing over 2,000 islands, a picturesque mountainous mainland hosting over 20 ski resorts, and a vibrant consumer culture brimming with sports, cafes, restaurants, and bars. Moreover, Greece is renowned for its cultural refinement and historical significance, boasting an ancient civilization that adds to the country’s allure. Adding to its charm are the breathtaking island-like beaches and coastal villages along its extensive mainland coastline, spanning thousands of kilometers.

Our company covers two important historical areas, one of which is the villages of South Kynouria in the Eastern Peloponnese, while the other is the unique Argosaronic island of Spetses, both unique as destinations that combine natural beauties such as forests, rivers, beautiful beaches as well as excellent architecture.  Both areas are full of monuments from every period of history and each one separately and for different reasons is considered a popular destination without, however, distracting anyone from their traditional and unique heritage.

The easy access by car from Athens to South Kynouria and the regular ferry connection from Piraeus to Spetses are among the advantages of these places.

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