Grigoris Ntaskas



Grigoris is the founder and the guiding force of “OPEN REAL ESTATE”. 

A graduate of the University of West Attica with a degree in Surveying Engineering, Grigoris continued his education at one of the leading universities in the United Kingdom, earning his master’s degree in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) from the University of Leeds. Then he lived and worked in London specializing in IT, while in 1998 Grigoris returned to Greece and more specifically to Leonidio, to set up his own business providing topographic and real estate services throughout Coastal Arcadia. Shortly afterward, he founded a construction company that, among other things, created the largest residential complex in Arcadia, which he built in the courtyard of an old mansion, while within the framework of the innovations and ventures dared by Grigoris, it is also the largest photovoltaic park in Arcadia. Each step is aimed at strengthening the local economy and promoting South Kynouria and the Peloponnese in general, an area of ​​exceptional natural beauty, utilizing its extensive know-how and local knowledge in Land and Real Estate sales, currently providing consulting services through OPEN, but also the design, construction and renovation of houses, to serve even the most demanding customers.

Grigoris was born and raised in Piraeus, while his family comes from a beautiful village named Poulithra, just 8 km from Leonidio, where the paternal house still hosts the grandchildren of the grandchildren! Married, with two beautiful daughters, Grigoris enjoys his very limited free time on his boat or in the crystal-clear waters of the Myrtoon Sea.

He tells us: “Every day I live my passion. I love my job and it is my pleasure to be able to contribute in this way to the development of our region and the economy of our country “.

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